Water Service

Available for residential, domestic, commercial, and industrial service; to colleges; and to hospitals.

Applicable within the entire territory served (Philippi and surrounding vicinity).

(Customers with metered water supply)
Per 1000 gallons

First 2,000 gallons used per month, $ 6.08
Next 3,000 gallons used per month, $ 6.08
Next 20,000 gallons used per month, $ 3.40
All Over 25,000 gallons used per month, $ 2.80

Minimum Bill
No bills will be rendered for less than the following amounts, according to the size of the meter installed, to-wit:
(Equivalent to 2000 gallons of water usage)

5/8 inch meter or less, $ 12.16 per month
3/4 inch meter, $ 18.24 per month
1 inch meter, $ 30.40 per month
1 1/4 inch meter, $ 44.38 per month
1 1/2 inch meter, $ 60.80 per month
2 inch meter, $ 97.28 per month
3 inch meter, $ 182.40 per month
4 inch meter, $ 304.00 per month
6 inch meter, $ 608.00 per month
8 inch meter, $ 927.80 per month

Flat Rate Charge
(Customers with non-metered water supply)
Each customer shall pay a minimum charge of $ 27.36 per month
(Equivalent to 4000 gallons of water usage)

Delayed Payment Penalty
The above schedule is net. On all current usage billings not paid in full when due,
ten percent (10%) will be added to the net current amount unpaid. This delayed payment penalty
is not interest and is to be collected only once for each bill where it is appropriate.

Water Service Connection Charge
The following charges are to be made whenever the utility installs a new tap to serve an applicant.
A tap fee of $ 100.00 will be charged to customers applying for service before construction is completed adjacent to the customer's premises in connection with a certificate proceeding before the Commission. This pre-construction tap fee will be invalid after the completion of construction adjacent to the applicant's premises that is associated with a certificate proceeding.
A tap fee of $ 350.00 will be charged to customers applying for service outside of a certificate proceeding before the Commission for each new tap to the system.

Reconnection Charge
When service is terminated to a customer for non-payment of bills, a fee of twenty-five dollars ($ 25.00) shall be charged for reconnection.

Resale Rates
Customer Charge ...... $ 50.00 per month
Usage Charge ............... $ 2.34 per 1,000 gallons

Sewer Service

Available for general domestic, commercial, and industrial service including sales of sewer service to other sewer utilities.

Applicable inside and outside the corporate limits of the City of Philippi.

Monthly Rate
Based on water usage: Per 1000 gallons

First 4,000 gallons, $ 7.97 gross / $ 7.25 net
Next 6,000 gallons, $ 7.70 gross / $ 7.00 net
Next 90,000 gallons, $ 6.87 gross / $ 6.25 net
Over 100,000 gallons, $ 6.60 gross / $ 6.00 net

Minimum Charge
$ 19.94 gross / $ 18.13 net per month.

Last Update: 5 January 2011