Philippi Main Street

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Philippi Main Street is a self-help process by which volunteers work toward revitalizing their community through historic rehabilitation, identifying economic opportunities, and building partnerships to get the job done. The program relies on work in four areas known as the Four Point Approach: Design, Organization, Promotion, and Economic Restructuring. The program focuses not only on physical improvements, but marketing efforts and work in all areas of the four point approach.

Our current Main Street program became active in November 1997. In January of 1998, by-laws were adopted, a president and Board of Directors elected, committees were formed, and work began in developing our current program. We are still growing in our efforts as we are a fairly new Main Street program. However, since reorganization we have made several significant steps within our community. We have developed a placemat depicting area historic attractions, which is used in local restaurants. We organized a "Welcome to Philippi" program where newcomers are welcomed to the community through a personal visit and given a gift bag with information about our city. We have put on the Annual Philippi Chili Cook-off which in 1998 won for "Best Special Event" for a small town from Main Street West Virginia, commissioned a series of Christmas ornaments that shows various historic sites, and held several business promotions, just to name a few of the things that Philippi Main Street is doing for the community.

The Main Street office is located in City Hall on Main Street in Philippi. The mailing address is 108 North Main Street and the phone # is (304) 457-3700 ext. 226. The fax number for the office is (304) 457 2703. The current program director is Tammy Stemple and the current President of the Board of Directors is Annette Santilli.