Industrial Park Features

Google Earth view of Industrial Park from west
Latitude 39 09'30.70"N Longitude 80 01'58.65"W
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Vocational Training

The Barbour County Vocational Center has programs in accounting, agriculture mechanics, building maintenance, child care, clerical work, cooperative education. Distributive education. Food service, health assistant, stenographic work, wood processing, home economics, keyboarding, exploring industrial occupations, auto-body repair, auto mechanics, diesel mechanics, electricity, general construction, machine shop, and welding.

The Vocational Center operates a busy evening and summer training schedule for adult and youth programs, and has been most cooperative in adopting training programs to meet local needs. For more information about vocational programs and other public school programs see the Barbour County School Brochure, or contact the Superintendent at (304) 457-3030.

Labor Pool

Barbour County's labor pool includes residents of surrounding counties. For more information see economic materials available from the Philippi-Barbour County Chamber of Commerce, P.O Box 5000, Philippi, WV 26416; (304) 457-1958

Routes to Philippi

From Charleston
Take I-79 north to exit 115; south on Rt. 20, east on Rt. 57, and north on 119.

From Pittsburgh
Take I-79 south to exit 115, south on Rt. 20, east on Rt. 57, and north on 119.

From Benedum Airport, Bridgeport
Take Rt. 50 east to Rt. 76, south on Rt. 76, south on 119;
279 Bypass west to I-79, south to exit 115, then south and east on Rts. 20 and 57.

From Elkins Airport
Route 250 northwest to Philippi.

Transportation Time To Philippi

From Miles Driving Time Flying Time
I-79, exit 115 18 20 min  
Corridor H 18 20 min  
Benedum Air Center 18 30 min 10 min
Charleston WV 138 2 hr. 30 min. 50 min
Pittsburgh, PA 114 2 hr. 50 min.
Washington D.C. 210 4hr. 1 hr. 15 min.


Philippi City Class I Class II Class III & IV
State Current .0025 .0050 .0100
County Current .1430 .2860 .5720
School Current .2295 .4590 .9180
School Bond .1121 .2242 .4484
Municipal Current .1094 .2188 .4376
Municipal Bond .0156 .0312 .0624
TOTAL .6121 1.2242 2.4484

Class I=Tangible personal property used in agriculture, agricultural products owned by the producers, and all intangible property.
Class II=All residential property and farms.
Class III=Real and personal property situated outside of municipalities exclusive of Classes I and II.
Class IV=Real and personal property situated inside of municipalities exclusive of classes II and I.

For more information about the Philippi Industrial Park contact:
Karen Weaver, City Manager, City of Philippi, P.O. Box 460, Philippi, WV 26416 (304) 457-3700.