Garbage and Recycling

Map Showing Garbage Pickup/Days

Applicable inside the city limits of the City of Philippi.

Monthly Rate
$ 18.85 per month.

Tips on Garbage and Recycling
Waste Deparment

City of Philippi, West Virginia

As a member of the Philippi garbage crew, I have been given very careful instructions not to bang your garbage cans, but to treat them with tender loving care. In order to follow these instructions and still empty your garbage cans, I need your cooperation. If you fill the cans and then stuff in some more trash and jump on it to get the lid on, the garbage won't fall out when I turn your can to empty it.

I am not allowed to reach in the can and pull garbage out with my hands. I can't tell when I will grab a broken bottle, old razor blades, jagged tin can lids or other dangerous things, and if I am hurt, you have to pay for it. Industrial accidents are expensive to taxpayers. So, please don't cram your garbage can full; get another one if you feel you often need more room.

Animal Waste
Animal waste from dogs and house pets may be placed in garbage cans if the waste is well wrapped so it won't fall loose in the garbage can.

Dead Animals
Dead animals will be picked up by the City Street Department if you call 457-3700.

Size of Cans
Garbage cans must be no bigger than the 35 gallon size so the can is easy for both you and me to handle. If you don't know the size of a can you intend to buy, ask the merchant. Incidentally, the cheapest cans are not always the best buy for you. A stronger and thicker metal can should last longer. Also a stronger can is more likely to stay dry and keep out flies.

The can should be filled with no more than a total weight of 50 pounds so I can lift it high to empty it.

Let's talk more about containers. Garbage cans come in different sizes and materials. They are usually wider at the top than at the bottom so the garbage will fall out easily. Garbage cans also need covers to keep odors down and to prevent flies from flying from the garbage can to your dinner table.

In addition to a lid or cover, your garbage can needs handles on the sides so I can pick it up easily and quickly. The faster I can pick up your garbage can and empty it, the cheaper and better my service to you.

When, Where & How Many Cans?
How about the place and time to put out garbage, and how many cans or bags can we pick up?

We are authorized to pick up only two 35-gallon cans or four uncompacted bags and they have to be set out at the curb in the early morning. Most people do this anyway to keep up the neighborhood appearance. If you do not know the pickup schedule, please call the City at 457-3700.

Some people ask about putting out cans the night before, especially where I make collections early in the morning. this is certainly a reasonable procedure, if the garbage is properly contained.

If for some reason you are unable to take your garbage out, please call me at 457-3700 and we will make arrangements to help you.

We Can Not Take Yard Waste
We can no longer take leaves, grass clippings and other yard wasted because landfills will not accept this material. If leaves or other yard waste is present in your garbage, we can not pick up your garbage.

Many residents are using backyard composting and mulching mowers to solve the problem of yard waste.

You may take yard wasted to the Philippi Transfer Station.

Recyclables Should Not Be Put In The Weekly Trash
Your garbage cans or sacks should not contain recyclable items such as newspapers, magazines and slicks, office paper and junk mail, aluminum cans and other items being accepted locally for recycling. See page 7 for recycling information.

We can not accept furniture, ashes, dirt, sand, rocks, bricks, concrete, and building materials in the regular weekly pickup.

City garbage trucks are not built to handle ashes, dirt, sand, rocks, bricks, concrete or other building materials. If you have things like this to get rid of, please call the City at 457-3700.

How to dispose of syringes and other sharp objects
Please place needles, syringes, and other sharp objects in a hard plastic or metal container with a tightly secured lid. A plastic bleach bottle is good; a coffee can will do if the plastic lid is reinforced and sealed with heavy duty tape. When the container is nearly full, add a sanitizing solution (1 teaspoon of bleach to one pint of water) and seal the container. With a permanent marker, print "NOT RECYCLABLE TREATED SHARPS" on the outside of the container. Place the container in a plastic bag and seal it with tape in case leakage occurs. Discard with the rest of your garbage. For more information contact the City office, County Health Department or other health facility.

Other Health and Safety Recommendations
Soiled bandages, disposable sheets and medical gloves should be placed in securely fastened plastic bags before you put them in the garbage with your other trash.

Recycling helps contain the rising costs of collection
The Barbour County Recycling Center (just off Rt. 250 south of Philippi) accepts several kinds of recyclable items. Check your local newspaper or call 457-4289 for information about recyclable items and hours at the Center.

The City of Philippi has established a drop off point for recycleables at the Chestnut Street Warehouse Complex. Items being accepted are advertised from time to time. You may also call 457-3700, ext. 219 for more information.

Dont' flip your lid!!
All in all, what we have talked about is a reasonable and easy way to keep Phillippi a healthy and beautiful city.

On the City's part, we're always making an effort to do a better job. We simply ask your cooperation.

If you don't like our service or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call. We will be glad to help in any way possible. Our telephone number is 457-3700.