Residential Electric Service

Available to consumers within the entire territory served by the City of Philippi, subject to the established "Rules and Regulations for Electric Service."

Applicable to residential consumers for energy supplied through a single meter.

Character of Service
Single-phase, 60 cycles, at available secondary voltages.

Monthly Rate
Facilities Charge $ 4.75

Per kilowatt hour
All kilowatt hours $ .08580

Minimum Monthly Bill
The minimum monthly bill for service shall be equal to the Facilities Charge.

The difference between the gross and net rates above specified shall constitute a discount for prompt payment if the bill is paid in full on or before the 20th day after that on which bill is rendered.

Not less than one year. Temporary service will be supplied at the net rate for energy upon the advance payment by the customer of the estimated monthly bill and the estimated cost of installing and removing the connection, including poles, lines, transformers, meters, other necessary equipment and all labor and expense incurred, less the salvage value of all materials to be recovered.

Metering For Multiple Residences
When two or more residences located on one premise are supplied through a single meter, each shall be classed as a single residence. Residences which have been converted into two or more separate living quarters will be supplied with service through separate meters; provided, however, that in instances where this is impracticable such residence may be supplied with service through a single meter and the contracting party will be billed under the schedule, with the above stated facilities charge and kilowatt-hour billing blocks increased in proportion to the number of living quarters served.

Reconnection Charge
When service is terminated to a customer for non-payment of bills, a fee of twenty-five dollars ($ 25.00) shall be charged for reconnection.

Last Update: 6 January 2011