Broadband Internet Service FAQ:

Frequenty Asked Questions

Can I get HBO, PPV or other premium channels if I don't have digital service?
Yes, but you must rent a digital cable box in order to receive these services.

What is a DVR box?
The DVR box is a special digital settop box that allows a user to program it to record selected shows and series to watch according to their own schedule.

Can I get Broadband Internet without signing up for cable?
No. You must at least subscribe to the prime analog service.

Where do I go to check out my account?
Go to:
and login to view your account information.

Can I check my email through a web browser?
Yes. Go to:
and login to view your email.

Is there any help available for setting up Outlook Express?
Yes. Go to the Documents item in the Main Menu on the left and look under Internet Customer Help.

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