Broadband Internet Service


Application for Blue Streak Broadband Service
Acceptable Use Policy

Type of Service

The Philippi Cable system is based on a fiber optic network that is distributed thoughout the City. The fiber network delivers services to the home and requires installation of equipment on the outside of the residence and a backup battery installed inside the home. Cable and Broadband Internet services are available via this system.
A standard RJ-45/ethernet cable is attached to the outside equipment and routed into the residence. The cable can be directly connected to the ethernet network port of a computer to provide internet access. Alternatively, the cable can be connected to the wan port of a router (provided by the customer) to support multiple devices.

Monthly Residential Broadband Internet Packages
(beginning 20 Dec 2011)
(for cable subscribers - Includes 3 e-mail accounts)

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Monthly Commercial Broadband Internet Packages
(for cable subscribers - Includes 5 e-mail accounts) Additional Services
Initial Setup/Cable Installation$ 50.00
(For locations not previously wired for cable service)
CAT5 Installation$ 25.00
Miscellaneous Service Call$ 25.00
Non-payment reconnection$ 25.00
(Plus payment in full of delinquent amount)
Transfer of Service$ 25.00
(From one location to another, under the same ownership)
Upgrade of Service$ 5.00
Downgrade of Service$ 5.00
6% State sales tax will be added to all monthly charges.