40 Fun Things to do in Philippi

1. Check the marker on the corner by Rite Aid Pharmacy. What building was formerly located there and when was it built?
2. Visit the Philippi Public Library. Look at the display in the library's entrance. Check the Internet for information about Philippi. Pick up a free bookmark.
3. Locate the marker beside the Crim U.M. Church on Pike St. What happened there?
4. Notice this church's beautiful stained glass windows, which are nearly 100 years old. What are pictured in these windows?
5. Visit the Barbour County Courthouse during its regular weekday hours of 8:30-4:30. Find the cornerstone. When was it built? Look at the stained glass windows and dome in the courtroom.
6. In whose memory is the Soldiers' Memorial on the courthouse lawn? What is the significance of the machine gun located there?
7. Find the home of J. Hop Woods (across from the library). This is one ofthe oldest homes in town, and a fine example of Queen Anne Victorian architecture. Read the marker on the fence.
8.  *** Visit the Convention and Visitor's Bureau in the Artists' Colony on Main Street and pick up some free literature about the town and the surrounding area. Use a walking tour brochure to find the various historic sites in downtown.
9.  *** While at the Artists' Colony, look at the display of paintings, carvings, and other artwork. Watch an artist at work. Be sure to see the model of the Covered Bridge.
10. Go down Church St. (the side street to the left of the Courthouse). Find the Barbour Democrat office. Local newspapers have been printed here since Civil War times
11. Stop in City Hall and look at the items displayed in the cases in the hallway. Count the pictures of all of Philippi's past mayors.
12.  *** Visit the Ancient Wisdom Health Center and look at the miniature Amish toys. Smell the scents of oils, soaps, and herbs. If you are hungry, this is a good place for a healthy snack.
13.  *** Davis Drug Store (across from the Bank of Philippi) has been in Philippi for 100 years. Check out the fancy tin ceiling inside. Perhaps you will buy a postcard of the Covered Bridge here.
14. Visit the Covered Bridge, Philippi's most famous landmark. Read the marker at the end of the bridge to find why it is so famous.
15. On the town end of the bridge is the Vietnam Veterans' Park. If you have a camera, this is a good place to photograph the bridge.
16. Across the street is the Barbour Historical Museum. if it is open, spend some time there learn­ing about the history of Philippi. Be sure to ask to see the famous Philippi mummies.
17. This bridge burned in 1989. If you walk across the bridge, look for some of the charred timbers left from this fire.
18. At the other end of the bridge, you will find another park. Why do you think this is called the Blue and Gray Park? What are the five flags flying there?
19.  *** Locate the Grand Theatre. What movie is playing there this week? Many home talent and vaudeville shows were presented on the stage of this theater in the 1920's.
20. On the corner of the courthouse lawn is a marker which tells about Philippi. What were two earlier names for the town? For whom is Philippi named?
21. At the end of Main Street is a white church, the oldest church in Philippi. When was it built?
22.  *** Look at the display of photographs in Sam Santilli's studio window on Main Street.
23.  *** If you have a ride, drive through the Covered Bridge and turn left. Stop at the Sundae Grille and check how many flavors of ice cream they have. You will find souvenirs of the bridge here.
24. Turn right coming out of the bridge, and travel up the hill to the campus of Alderson Broaddus College. This was originally called Battle Hill. From the lawn in front of New Main you can see all of Philippi.
25. If you drive around the campus, you will find Campbell's School, a one-room schoolhouse, which was used in Barbour County many years ago. How is this building different from your school?
26. Do you know what a GAZEBO is? There is one located across the road from the Campbell School. Look for others as you travel around Philippi. What do you think gazebos were used for?
27. Back in town, if you go through the traffic light and up Pike Street, you will see Myers Clinic facing you. This was Philippi's first hospital. When was this building built?
28. On upper Main Street, find the big bucket at KFC. Inside, you can see several different pictures of the Covered Bridge.
29. Turn right at KFC and you'll find the City Park. You can shoot basketball here, or try the swmuning pool during the summer season. Maybe you will want to have a picnic here.
30. Drive out to the old cemetery beyond Myers Clinic Many of Philippi's original settlers are bur­ied there. Read the old gravestones to find the oldest grave.
31.  *** Directly behind the courthouse are two small historic buildings. The one on the right was origi­nally a harness and saddle shop in the 1870's, and later became a blacksmith shop. What did a black­smith do?
32.  *** The banners flying on both sides of Main Street list several values - the things Philippi residents think are important. Which value do YOU think is most important?
33.  *** At North Philippi Park you can enjoy picnicking, tennis, playground equipment, or basketball, or watch a variety of ball games during their seasons.
34.  *** At 111 North Main Street, you will find Port Avanella, a bed and breakfast, which was built more than 100 years ago. Just up the street is Michelle's Boutique, a shop filled with folk art, primitive toys, dried and silk flower arrangements, hand woven baskets, and crafts made by local artisans.
35. Next to Rite Aid is a large home with white pillars. Built in the 1880's, it was occupied by members of the Charles Teter family for many years The stable behind the house was built with bricks from the County's first Courthouse.
36. On the upper end of South Walnut St. (one street behind Main St ), you can walk on hand-laid brick sidewalks.
37. A marker on a small building directly behind 102 N. Walnut tells you that it was the former law office of Judge Arthur Dayton. Try to find who this man was.
38. On the opposite corner (Walnut & Church Sts.) is the red brick Peck/Crim/Chesser house. Built in the early 1880's, this house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
39. Cross the Walnut St. bridge and turn right. Near the end of Beech Avenue you will find Thornhills' Florist. Check out the many plants and flowers growing there.
40. Have you ever seen a machine that can knit? Stop in Knitting Machines, Etc. across from the courthouse and watch the machine at work.

If you try these activities, you will learn a
great deal about Philippi and its history.
Maybe you will find other places of interest
during your visit. Have fun!
Artwork - Ken Waddell
Originally Published April 1999