30 Fun Things to do in Philippi

1. Check the marker on the corner by Rite Aid Pharmacy. What building was formerly located there and when was it built?
2. Visit the Philippi Public Library. Look at the display in the library's entrance. Check the Internet for information about Philippi. Pick up a free bookmark.
3. Locate the marker beside the Crim U.M. Church on Pike St. What happened there?
4. Notice this church's beautiful stained glass windows, which are nearly 100 years old. What are pictured in these windows?
5. Visit the Barbour County Courthouse during its regular weekday hours of 8:30-4:30. Find the cornerstone. When was it built? Look at the stained glass windows and dome in the courtroom.
6. In whose memory is the Soldiers' Memorial on the courthouse lawn? What is the significance of the machine gun located there?
7. Find the home of J. Hop Woods (across from the library). This is one ofthe oldest homes in town, and a fine example of Queen Anne Victorian architecture. Read the marker on the fence.

If you try these activities, you will learn a
great deal about Philippi and its history.
Maybe you will find other places of interest
during your visit. Have fun!
Artwork - Ken Waddell
Originally Published April 1999