Saturday - December 16, 2017 (11:27 pm)
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Economic Development

Economic Development

Steady growth has occurred in retail and service employment in Barbour County since 1970. Continued support for local businesses and institutions will help to further strengthen these sectors of the economy.

Employment in the mining industry has declined dramatically since the late 1970's and early 1980's. There needs to be continued support for retraining programs and job replacement and recruitment.

Locally owned businesses are considered one of the important values of Philippi. However, retail sales for general merchandise indicate that residents are shopping outside of the county for many items.

The future of the economy ideals identified:

  • More jobs - keep youth
  • Good paying jobs
  • Industrial park developed with environmentally stable industries
  • All stores occupied
  • More grants for more jobs
  • Economic development
  • New jobs
  • Jobs for college grads
  • New businesses outside the downtown
  • Needs of commuting workforce met
  • Shopping facilities expanded
  • Fewer government employees compared with private
  • Route 250 expanded for commercial businesses
  • Provide 'job-incubator'for youth businesses
  • Welfare need reduced
  • Longer store hours
  • More service businesses, i.e., plumbers, electricians
  • Blue and Gray enactment developed
  • Tourism expanded and developed